3 sunday adventure

on saturday (after a pre wedding beauty treatment - i am starting early) i went with hannah to the mitchell road antique centre in erskinvelle, a place where 5 hours goes in 5 minutes, so much so i had to go back sunday to finish looking and buying. we happened upon a new concession inside called 'drawing room theory', now i won't go into too much detail about that store because i am hoping to do a feature on it within the next few weeks, but i will show you what i got. how great is the packaging? this is what came attached to the gift i bought for someone inside...

berries and lemon not included ... anyway, this shop is heart stopping-ly beautiful, amongst a million things i could have bought, i got a big chunk of crystal (other styling objects are my partners mum, Annes)

a close up of the crystal (right) and some domed goodness of Annes. here are the 6 horn spoons i bought which, i am obsessed with

and as a gift for Anne i bought a beaker and crow claw ice tongs because she loves ice in her vino...

i also bought a chair which will be a very rewarding DIY project for me - i will post a pic later

xxx c
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  1. The packaging is so nice and I love the crystal 'bell'. If I decide to redecorate my flat, I'm planning to buy several of them to display necklaces...Look forward to hearing about the Hermes frame...

  2. I can´t wait to read the post about this store!

  3. Love your blog! Just added you to my blog roll. www.house58blog.com


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