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pics: the selby

where do i start? the moooi horse lamp? the framed hermes scarves? the orchids? the rooms full of visionaire? the home of  interior designer yasumichi morita as captured by the selby is a total drool fest. and speaking of framed hermes scarves, mine is at the framers as we speak, so look forward to seeing her all framed up very soon...

xxx c
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  1. Love this! Hermes is my favourite. Make sure you show us your framed scarf! Have a great weekend :)

    Abbey x

  2. I love the idea of framing Hermes scarves. Some of them are real piece of art and I cannot wait to do it...How are you going to do yours? 'Under glasses'? I really like the way the do it in Hermes boutique, just with the four 'pins' at the corners...

  3. Well, i was going to pin the corners but then i was worried it would sag and ruin the scarf if i wanted to use it to wear one day so the framer suggested he squashes it to a backing board with the glass so there is no damage to the scarf. Will see how it works out very soon!!! I am nervous....


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