2 the professionals: maximo riera

i nearly had heart failure when i saw this. i was looking for a different chair for another post and this came up in my google image search - very natalia brilli dont you think? the artist is Maximo Riera, hailing from northern spain where he spends his days sculpting and painting. this octopus chair took 30 popele to create and is one of a collection, aptly named animal chairs, yes that's right, there are more to come! namely a lion, rhino, beetle, whale and walrus...i am beside myself with excitment!

xxx c
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  1. I always LOVE your style and think we have similar taste; but not this time! That chair is the ugliest think I've ever seen! Positively scary!!! What have you been drinking???!!!!(LOL!)

  2. KL you are hilarious! love your honesty...what can i say i love animals...


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