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i have this bag and i freakin' love it but i don't use it very much, which is pretty dumb of me. i always go for the biggest, slouchiest bag that can be carried over the shoulder and chucked on any surface without me caring. if i do carry this beauty out i worry about the calf hair rubbing off or red wine being spilled on it. unusually for me, this bag has stood the test of time (i don't have much of an emotional attachment to my attire), it has been over a year and it hasn't been sold on ebay which generally means it's in for the long haul, but come to think of it, i thought the same thing about a gold comme des garcons jacket i bought at a Belinda sale and after 3 years of non wear-ity i 
let her go, so who knows?

xxx c
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  1. Hi Claudia-

    If you ever want to sell it, I would LOVE to buy it from you. I've been looking for something like this! Also - please check out my blog...eastinthewest.com


  2. I will def keep u in mind if i decide to sell it!! And i will def check out your blog...


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