3 house envy: sea of shoes at home

i used to read sea of shoes all the time until interiors became the focus of my life instead of shoes. more recently i was looking through my iphoto and found these pics of Jane Aldridge's (daughter of Judy Aldridge) bedroom makeover. how luxurious is it? full of texture and layers - something i think i would get sick of - i am minimal to the core - but a room i adore nonetheless. 

xxx c
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  1. I think the mural behind her bed is just that step too far for me... and in summer the room would make me feel hot... if that makes any sense at all hahaahaaa

  2. totally! i'm sweating just looking at it! but the fantasy of it's nice...

  3. i'd die to live in this room. it's visual stim overload and it's just the way i like it. did you see the graffiti Louis chair in the closet?!?! I wish I thought of that!


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