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i used to be obsessed with shoes. i would get miss louise to send polaroids of new season shoes and within days the new leopard dolce and gabbana's would be at my doorstep. i actually cringe when i think about that now. over the years i have donated, sold and chucked ALOT of my shoes. the only men standing from those days are my gold miu miu high tops (pic to come) and black patent miu miu peep toes because they are so comfy and don't seem to show wear. if i still cared about shoes like i used to my fantasy shoe storage would probably look something like the above - so fresh and organised (and i am the organisation FREAK). FYI the only shoes i wear now are ballet flats, sneaks, a pair of 
topshop wedges and my CR bottines - i stopped caring so much about shoes when i realised i could be spending my money on home wares!  

xxx c
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  1. Ha reminds me of sex and the city...cheating on fashion with interiors!


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