6 pink rose pienk rosa rozsaszin pembe pinc.....

a bit of a Cheaty McCheat post but i was going through my iphoto and noticed that 80% of the pics i store have pink in them, whether its a wall, a couch, art or accessories, i never knew i was so attracted to it before!

xxx c
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  1. new follower via sal at once.daily.chic.

    loving your style! those images are fantastic.

    bf x

  2. Love the third picture down - would never think to add all those patterns in such a small space and yet it works oh so well! I'm in love!

  3. when im grown up and fabulous my apartment is going to look just like this. so glamorous and wonderful. :)


  4. Your blog just makes me happy! I have loved every single post!

  5. Kecia - thats so nice of you! my blog makes me happy too! xx


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