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i usually have a bit going on in the wrist wear department, namely a fine gold chain, a chunky gold chain with neon thread woven through and a mushroom coloured Laurence Oppermann thread bracelet (from Via Rustica). more recently, ispired by the likes of Louise at Table Tonic and Leandra over at Man Repeller, i have amassed a small collection of friendship bracelets. at the moment they are just sleeping in a box because sometimes i just want an unfussy look and it's a hassle to keep taking them off, putting them back on etc. anyways - i thought this tutorial from P.S I made this was super cute and inspired me to do some D.I.Y.(yet to do the D.I.Y)

here is a pic of my wrist wear...

pic: obviously me as it's so crappy

xxx c
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  1. I found your blog the other night and L O V E it.

    Friendship bracelets are a cow to take on and off... they also get pretty yuk after a spell of wearing them. On the plus side you can change colour schemes and add charms to them. I might make some more today, that DIY post has inspired me.


  2. LOVE those bracelets!!! Your blog is supercute too : ) can't wait to see more from you!

  3. Hermes and Louis Vuitton!!! Drool!!!! I think the idea with those friendship bracelets is that they're on till they fall off? You glitzzie 'em up with the other chunky ones. Always enjoy your posts,


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