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i was doing a search for a picture from canadian house and home nov 2010 issue for someone and stumbled upon this website (the pic was of an hermes tray with porcupine quills in a horn jar - see N.H.T). the website belongs to interior designer and accessories junkie betsy burnham. she has a style that takes a really keen eye - lots of layering and accessorizing using fancy and not so fancy furnishings. her look seems accessible but actually takes a lot of effort and, lets be honest, a really good stylist. either way i love her stuff and so did lonny mag - they did a feature on her in their feb/march issue last year. p.s. i was particularly enamored with her when i saw this pic that sits in her office...

did you think i would end the post without further mention of the hermes tray? i am on a never ending search for this bad boy but thats another post entirely.

xxx c
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