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how good is this dining table? and the fact that it's an A - deliberate? i think what makes it most attractive for me is the latte coloured rug and the crocodile skin (real) chair. how delicious is this scene? very masculine and modern, doesn't look particularly comfy but is that really the point? 

and speaking of alexander wang...i have had a hankering for a rocco bag since like, ever but when i felt the weight of a friends diego i was put off, that thing weighs a million pounds! but then i saw this one...

all creamy, pebbled leather and rose gold hardware, what can i say? it's an absolute beauty (my secret shame is that i was inspired by this celebrity) can i get over the heavy-ness? is it actually that bad? maybe i should do what i originally planned and get the lighter alpha instead.

xxx c

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