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now that i am 30 i am really aware of what is happening to my skin and i want to do the best i can with the best products i can. i have one person to thank for my product obsession, hannah. she has always been on top of the absolute newest and best products. once, when i asked about a product i had seen in a magazines 'beauty awards' section, she laughed at me telling me that only suckers believe those articles and that it is all the advertisers products. she has since schooled me in what actually works and what is all hype.

besides the actual function of the product, there is the packaging to discuss. nothing gets my heart racing as much as good packaging. for me, diptyque is the absolute pinnacle of packaging and my cabinet is chock full of empty candle cups (baies is my scent of choice) full of brushes, glosses, cutips and cotton pads. as hannah will attest to,  i also love a good scientific package e.g. egyptian magic or the old terax packaging are my picks. 

once i get hannah around for another photo session i will add pics of my bathroom cabinet.

xxx c 
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