3 house envy: unhealthy obsession

pics: selby

i have an unhealthy obsession with Julia Restoin Roitfeld's apartment. don't get me started on the minimal nature of the place, the wooden floors, the marble table tops, the wardrobe and the vuitton throw. but weirdly, i am actually most obsessed with her bathroom cabinet. lucky for me Into The Gloss
did one of her 'top shelf' posts on Julia - an even closer look into her makeup/beauty routine. i think that deserves a post of its own...

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  1. haha so do I - I remember studying (in absolute detail!) what was in her bathroom cabinet. I love how she casually stacks her books (or was it magazines) on the floor too! Have you seen her mother's apartment? I have a link to it somewhere. I will find it and pass it on to you.

  2. Here it is - Parisian parquetry perfection!


  3. Oh god thank you so much!!! I knew i wouldnt be the only one.....


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