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pic: HBP

this is my new desk. my BFF hannah styled and photographed it. she is an amazing art director/stylist/photographer and she does nice stuff like this for me ALL the time. my favourite objects are on this desk. my Visionaire 45 toys, my Kelly Wearstler Hue book, my mac, my kartell ghost chair and my 2 Tai Snaith pieces. 

i recently moved and this is my first study - my BF calls it the pink room and  i feel kind of bad because it's his room too (but LBH, its not). i think he thinks one day he will get a study of his own that he can style just as he pleases but me thinks not - i'm too obsessed with my surroundings to allow a Ricky Ponting poster to enter the front door let alone be hung on a wall. 

i hope you enjoyed my first ever post. 

xxx c
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  1. Have just finished reading through your blog and you have done an amazing job! This post made me smile - am currently decorating our first home together and the BF thinks that the loungeroom will be his domain to do as he chooses. Can't wait for him to go away for work so I can tackle it without comment, am sure he'll love the 'girly' bits and all that sports stuff can move out to the garage! x

  2. Thanks bec! I'm glad it made u smile...

  3. I just discovered your blog and read through all your entries thus far! Love it all! Love your banner too with the Visionaire toys! I have the complete set and adore them! So happy to have discovered your blog pretty much from the get-go and look forward to continuing to follow you!

  4. thanks thats very kind of you Kecia - i have an ebay alert on the others set of toys! - claudia

  5. I'm so happy to find you. This is serious blog crush love. Can't wait to see more and to see how you 'grow'!

  6. Fab blog :)

    Love your desk too - do you mind me asking where you got it?

  7. I know this is a post from waaaaay earlier in your blogging career, but isn't it always a nice reminder to come back to the beginning and see how far you've come? I also stumbled upon this post and was curious as to where you found that adorable white desk... very similar to something I'm looking for for my own office!


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