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pics: the selby and flickr

i have a small bookshelf, nothing to brag about. due to lack of storage i usually end up donating books or storing them in my parents garage. i cant wait to live in a house with some big ass built in book shelves. in my fantasy i would colour code for the rainbow bookshelf look. i recently saw a crate of vintage penguin crime books in a forest-y green colour at a Salvation Army store on the northern beaches - i wish i got a bunch to start my collection. take a peep of my shelf work.

pics: HBP

its only ikea but its a start.

xxx c 

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  1. Eye Candy even if it only Ikea and that Anthony Kiedis book is the nuts!

  2. Looks amazing!! Love, love, love those white little monkey/men ornaments. Where did you get them from if you don't mind me asking?

  3. Hey anon, one is called a munny from kidrobot and the other was from a pop up shop in paddington sydney - thanks for stopping by! Xx


  4. Where do you find your japanese comics?


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