2 chateau peep

Ever since I've been doing the Bondi house I have been in a mood. Mood equals I want to change everything in my house. I had a quick insta sale of my coffee table and a few other things et voila, handy cash for newness! New West Elm coffee table, new artwork (painted by my mother in law), new cushions from an Etsy store, switched out my blue lamps for these neutrals (again from West Elm) and got some props out of the holiday cupboard. The horse bookends were a vinnies find for $10! Now I'm getting new art for the dining room (watch this space) and I got new lamps for the bedroom and fresh new linen, post to come!

Now what I reeeeeeealy want is 2 new sofas, no more sectional but being on mat leave means I can't make crazy expensive decisions like that so it will have to wait...

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  1. are you pregnant again?! looks like your doing hard core nesting haha

  2. Loving that WE coffee table....wish they'd brought it our BEFORE I started custom making one! It's ironic when on leave you have time and inclination to shop for home but not the funds and when working time not moolah is your enemy. Frustrating.


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