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Hello October! God how quick did that happen? My small fry is now 1 month old, that definitely happened too quickly, he's already getting so big. This month Peep Loves Autumn de Wilde's reflector sculptures (above) and in the same vein, this reflector chair below by Pitaya Designs Random 8 chair. I loved watching this '73 questions' video at Vogue of Reese Witherspoon for the house perve (watch the whole series here), Country Road Active is on it's way! 

The Dalo cushions from Country Road (above), this gorgeous mid century mini desk from West Elm, these Fleur Jacobs plug in lights from The Minimalist, this insane Louis Vuitton Dauphine wallet from Blue Spinach, the Saffy table lamp and Cup floor lamp from Domayne, this tour of SJP's townhouse (it's incredible, completely in love)

and how could I not include a pic of my #georgeteddy in peep loves? He's in his sugar glider outfit and all I do is go in and a) check he's not dead, and b) stare at how cute he is. I want to slice off his cheeks and fry them up and eat them

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