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You know how much I love a decorative object right? Well thanks again Instagram for introducing me to yet another beautiful set of objects to covet, Blamo art toys - an independent art toy company founded in 2006 in Los Angeles. I saw Rice Baby (above) on the House of Honey page and followed that link pronto. how cute is their 'about me'...

Blamoville is a sorry-less land filled with creatures that share a common love for outrageous adventure, be it a solo train ride through the mountains, a good meal with a friend, or a party on a pirate ship. Swashbuckling, bouncing, flying or crying...whatever adventure awaits, be sure that it is one to remember! In Blamoville there are no sorrys, so put your sorrys in a sack and come out to play.

...check out the full collection here (I feel like baby George needs one of these for his first birthday)

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