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I LOVE a good challenge but I think this one has me stumped. Alice heard I wanted a mobile for the nursery and told me about Mecca Cosmetica in Chatswood's own creation. I went in there on the weekend but of course, it's custom made in Melbourne.  I have contacted my husband's cousin who is a prop/set designer for movies and TV and he's on the case for me but I'm not holding my breath for something this marvellous. Someone on Instagram kindly told me about Puka Puka mobiles (below)

But is it massive enough? This is how I usually work, I start with a small idea (this mobile from Pottery Barn Kids) and then it gets bigger and more extravagant. Then Alice shows me this...

...the set design at the Alice McCall show last week. So the bar is raised just that little bit higher again. Stay tuned! And any idea, suggestions are warmly welcome

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  1. Have you seen this before? http://www.pinterest.com/pin/136515432429203729/ (Xavier Veilhan at versailles artwork very similar to mecca mobile).
    A giant mobile in a baby room would be amazing... bigger the better!


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