2 hawaii - the shopping

The clothes shopping in Hawaii was great, the home wares however were non existent (besides Hermes, but more on that later). The first excitement was of course the September issues of all my favourites and the best part was they're only $5.99. Despite a sore shoulder they were well worth bringing home.

I had to include my Jemma Sands in here as they were a 'just before I got on the plane acquisition', I also added this cute Gap bracelet to the repetoire. I found the Dior sunnies at the outlet mall reduced from $299 to $59, it would have been rude of me not to buy them right? Jules bought me the Marc faceted iPhone case as a prize for him not letting me buy the Hermes ashtray (again, more on that later) and I got these post it's from Hermes along with some other pressie's for people

Shoes were a steal, how could I not stock up on Nike's? 

I could have bought a million t shirts so I limited myself to 3 of the athletic variety plus a crystal embellished denim shirt from J. Crew (best shop in the world)

More denim from J. Crew plus some printed delights from Gap

A beauty beauty haul. The U.S is very generous when it comes to samples and freebies, so much so that as they had run out of Diptyque perfume samples, my SIL Alice got a mini Fig candle instead! I'm obsessed with Kiehl's and am excited to use their BB cream and super corrective cream. The Marc Jacobs beauty products have delicious packaging but I only bought an eyebrow gel. The Glam Glow sample is meant to be the best super duper mask out there, I will give it a go this weekend. Oh and there's always the mandatory Skin Trip coconut moisturizer from Whole foods, best $13 I spent!

The spoils from our first day shopping, luckily my MIL and SIL share the Hermes obsession which meant we were allowed to wander in nearly every day

The things I saw and didn't buy, this Balenciaga tee, my reality check told me I'd be over this $295 t shirt in a season so I couldn't justify it. The Hermes tray however, was brutally ripped from my clutches. My dear sweet husband gently informed me that we had other priorities at the moment, and a $650 porcelain tray that had no purpose (no purpose?! is he crazy?) did not make the cut for our budget. He did however, promise it to me in the near future :)

Mini Balenciaga's and delicious Alex Wang

These navy blue sparklers had only size in stock at J. Crew - not mine, but fortunately my MIL's so they came home with her (jelly)

and lastly I had slipper envy at Tory Burch, those scarabs are everything! 
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  1. I agree with you re: t-shirt

    That Hermes tray though... I hope husband realises that now it's documented that it's "in the near future" on the blog... that's basically bible so it has to happen. HA!


    p.s I totally just found a Rabens Saloner dress on ebay that you're selling which I desperately want but there area million bids and I just know somebody will have a sniper so I have given up even before trying :(

  2. Aaaah! Love a huge shop on a trip in the US!! Much better prices and variety than here :-)

    Clare x


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