3 H's garden makeover

Han finally gave me some pics of her backyard trasformation. They took it from an awkward little area to something totally functional and beautiful, the space seems double the size! I love her choice in chairs and the beginnings of a green wall along the back fence.  Aren't Lola and Muffin the perfect models? I can't wait to share the photos of her home once the final renovations in the kitchen are finished - it's a beauty!

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  1. SO much better, what a gorgeous face lift.

    Love the pooches.

    Have a beautiful weekend lady!


  2. UNREAL!! - totally digging the timber decking & artistic-like display on the freshly painted fencing ... not to mention that main poochie.

    Claudia please tell me the breed of that poochie pretty please ?

    Lillii x

  3. Love a good before and after - Hannah's outdoor space looks so great now - those chairs are pretty amazing too! Loni x


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