1 a chair a day {the paulistano}

I have decided I need some proper schooling on the chair. There are so many amazing models out there and what with my canny thrift-ing eye, I don't want to miss out on any gems! So here's to some learning - the first being the Paulistano designed in 1957 by Paulo Mendes da Rocha. Winner of the Pritzker Architecture Prize 2006, the Paulistano chair was originally designed for The Athletic Club of São Paulo. The frame of the Paulistano chair is made of a continuous 17-foot single bended steel bar (shaped under 200 lbs of hydraulic pressure over 24 hours) and then welded in a single spot. This deceptively simple structure is then wrapped in almost an entire hide of leather, with no surface modification, that will gain depth and luster as it ages. The frame is hand-machine polished and may exhibit markings consistent with hand craftsmanship. With the intention of being authentic and to get a great patina over the years, full grain leathers are used with no surface modification. The leather may exhibit little scares or natural markings consistent with natural tanning. No cover is exactly the same.

I have discovered that they make canvas, leather and even mesh seats for these bad boys. The covers can be switched up at your whim, but with prices starting at $1170 you better be pretty sure of your choice! Buy one here

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