2 le shocking

pic: bravo TV

any of you watch million dollar decorators on foxtel? being the pink devotee that i am it's no surprise i fell in love with ross cassidy's makeover of amber valetta's bedroom. he described the pink as 'le shocking' - elsa schiaparelli's signature colour and a term coined by french lingerie shops. the walls are grasscloth by phillip jeffries and the ceiling - my favourite part of all - is hand painted wallpaper by kelly porter. this room really challenges my beliefs around sticking with a neutral base. the first question is, how would jules feel waking up to this? the second question is, do i care? i mean, jules mentioned the nice new painting hanging above our bed this morning, it has been hanging there for 3 MONTHS, case in point...

xxx c
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  1. I'm such a huge fan of this show - I wish there were MORE episodes! I could watch it all day. Loved this space too...

  2. I love this room too - the converse to the popular, neutral base rule also works; shocking pink base but with classic, traditional and quiet furnishings. Balance and interest. Love the sleigh day-bed.


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