1 peep loves {february}

this painting MIL anne did for above the bed we are staying in at the moment, she matched it to the trim of the bedhead and the ottoman (fancy), high street bistro - i have been meaning to go there for ages, i had the best meal and between 4 of us we shared 4 deserts, all of them 100% bliss. i can highly recommend this place (and the lovely owner xanthe!) these sneaks from zara, this conversation that occured between hannah and i...

this couch in the san fran home of an old school friend, i have been admiring it from afar for ages, any one know it's name/creator?

these chairs from kelly wearstler's my vibe my life blogand finally these skull ice cubes sent to me by a lovely reader in peru. can't believe it's feb already! only 2 more months until i've been married 1 year...

xxx c
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