1 orson and blake sale

my favourite magazine lady Loni sent me an email for the orson and blake warhouse sale a few weeks ago and at the very last minute alice, lou and i decided to make the trek out to riverstone to get some goodies. we didn't have our games faces on and got there 10 minutes after opening {insert a disappointed face} as all the $25 ceramic garden stools were a gonner, sitting prettily in piles guarded by canny women who got there nice and early. everyone else were ripping open boxes like there's no tomorrow hoping for a hidden gem
the loot in the car
i ended up with these dalmations (maybe turned into book ends thanks for the suggestions instagram friend!), the huge ottoman tray, the blue jar and, chevron bowl and the cowhide leopard pouf, pretty good haul for $110... 

needless to say we will have our games faces firmly on next year, strategies already discussed on the car ride home!
xxx c

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