4 op shopping

gold bowls are a dime a dozen in op shops but this one was kind of misshapen and delicious. speaking of delicious, this lounge chair was all sorts of tweed-y and chanel-y. it came as part of a gargantuan set, i wish i had a thousand houses to fill with all this good furniture

this table and chair set above was being watched over like a hawk by a lady who had swooped in the second she walked in, i went to take a pic and she freaked out telling me it was hers she was buying it, i told her thats fine i just wanted to take a pic and she freaked again saying, 'no i'm buying it' - territorial much? and this woven sideboard has been at salvos for a while now, i really love it but - again - have no where to put it!

and finally i got these italian patent leather loafers box fresh for $25, perfect fit, c'mon winter! p.s. i am aware of how white my feet are, i am clearly not a sunbaker, in fact i do my damndest to stay out of the sun, no premature aging for this girl

xxx c

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  1. I love OP shopping you can find so many bargains!! My friend actually just sent me a text asking if I wanted to go this weekend.. Your post made me say yes! haha x

  2. Some very good finds here, good spotting! How funny is the lady with the table, hope she's happy with it as it is gorgeous. You were lucky she let you take a pic haha

  3. Oh gosh, that woman who swooped on you sounds like a pitbull! Sheesh! I love the woven sideboard, wow. Great post! Kel :) www.yougotthatatanopshop.com


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