2 op shopping {and hot chips}

i swear one of my regular haunts is the BEST place to find good chairs, be they bentwoods, wassily's or retro numbers like these above - nothing a little fresh upholstery can't fix!

i was disappointed i didn't get this one in the end, even without little fleurs it's cool table fodder. and this trio of delights below was sorely tempting (middle man had my name on it) but as i keep banging on and on - i've no where to put another god damned chair!

i found a box of urchins for only one clam and this paper weight full of purple sand looking stuff (jules thinks it looks like bacteria/mould) 

my shopping partner in crime and interior designer pal Bec joined me on this mission with her teeny little cherub Evie who woolfed down her baby cino and hand fed me the BEST CHIPS IN THE ENTIRE WORLD at the Amchair collective (think crunchy on the outside and creamy on the inside)

and we stopped in at Freedom on the way home and spied these new spaghetti side tables in pink, yellow and brushed bronze. why didn't you re make the GOLD ones?????

xxx c

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  1. Love those spaghetti side tables, I so wish they had them in gold as I missed out the first time round! xx

  2. i like going to shops like this...so much fun! :) there are some good ones here in NYC I hear!



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