3 op shopping {part a zillion}

i had a little adventure up the beaches last week which started with brekky at armchair (these measuring vases were awesome) followed by some op shopping

foo dog for five dollar

coolest lounge ever! of course it had already sold but this monster would have been amazing in the right space

crystal cluster at mona vale salvos

and these chairs were at my favourite goodwill, i think they would have made great dining chairs (obv with different pads) and only $120 for the lot

finished the day with a look at coco republic - god that place is good, despite the not so good service

xxx c

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  1. I swear you must have the ultimate thrift shoppes near you... the ones near me are so shit :(


  2. That lounge is huge! Crazy! Would love to see it in a living space! I want that foo dog! Great deal on that!


  3. That lounge need a big space to fit in. I love the design so much.


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