3 santa was good to me...

Jules bought me these pants after i saw them over at paula joye's life.styled, so that wasn't much of a surprise, mum got me some country road essentials too.

here are some more of my treats...

a gift to myself - zara sneaks - via my cousin back home for christmas from london

the serpent and the swan pouch i got looks really dark in the pic above, it's more like this below - heaven!

and a few more from the day...

alice and i in matching shoes in the pouring rain...

the mums in creepy masks all the way from england and below, Jules in mustache sunnies

in celebrity heads i was - of course - k wearstler 

i braved the boxing day sales in the city, it was pretty quiet all morning except in DJ's which is standard, i only bought a top from CR and ummed and ahhed over this willow jacket until i decided i really couldn't justify a $696.50 jacket at the beginning of summer!

i hope you all got spoilt!

xxx c

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  1. Your shoes are divine! Also love that white top on you. So girly :-)

  2. You got great giftage. I got the Megan Morton book too and lots of fluro plastic animals from various people - strange but good.


  3. The masks are FANTASTIC! Glad to hear you were spoilt, and love the studded sandals!
    x KL


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