4 pressie time!

birthday time has come around again (yes it was a whole 8 days ago but i only celebrated on saturday night properly) so here's my show and tell...

jules sent me fleurs to work from portobello rose (heaven)

and alice sent me a choc-o-gram, unfortunately it was already melting when it arrived! alice's beloved Si bought me some delicious roses

happy birthday message from willis and lemon tart for dessert

anna and karl bobble heads from the girl

and THE most amazing book from kelly wearstler - i didn't think it could get better than HUE but she has outdone herself with rhapsody

faceted dinosaur designs vase from aleeeeechay

and my first original work of art from my clever mother in law anne - obsessed

thanks also to han for this A.B - LOVE it (and the real living subscription!)

and finally my favourite mummery bought me this pretty as pie top to make me more fancy - love you

how spoilt am i?

xxx c

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  1. Happy Birthday Claudia! These are definitely gorgeous gift. Lucky girl!
    x KL

  2. Amazing! You cleaned up :)

    Happy Birthday!

  3. TOP gifts - totally love that faceted vase and it made me smile and think of your sculptures! Happy Birthday - so glad you got spoiled...

  4. Love those bobble heads! I totes need that book too! Glad you had a hapdappily birthday!



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