6 oh em gee

these guys are best friends and carmen told us they would be BFF for life - how freakin' cute! they groom each other every day

i thought all my birthday surprises were done and dusted until jules told me on sunday after a delicious brekky that i still had one more. he was taking me to a miniature horse stud to play with tiny horses. of course i promptly burst out in tears because i have been wanting to do that for ever and i was so surprised that he thought to do that for me. these mini horses were honestly the sweetest little things! the foals were only 20kg and teeny weeny, you can't really tell until a human is standing next to them how teeny they actually are.

jules on le catwalk

they had the most amazing manes and forelocks - overgrown and shaggy with colour i would pay for!

and just down the road? the rebels head quarters - behind the first fence are about 6 miniature horses standing guard!

if you want some teeny tiny horse excitement then go visit Carmen here

xxx c

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  1. my favourite is the one where the horsie is kissing your hand. can we go back? its making my heart hurt as you would say....

  2. What a beautiful, beautiful gift. I want to climb in there with you and snuggle them all. Sweethearts! {There's nothing like gorgeous animal posts to bring me out of hiding. ;) Your blog is lovely, Claudia.}

  3. You definitely married the right man. True love.
    x kl

  4. Aw, I saw the one pic on Instagram but I didn't realize this was part of your birthday festivities! How thoughtful! Good man!


  5. They look adorable! Glad that Jules is able to make your birthday all so special for you! xx

  6. AAahhhh! They're so darn adorable! What a wonderful guy you have there ;-)

    ~ Clare x


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