3 etagere

pic: 1st dibs (of course!)

could you get any more exquisite than this? i mean really! so up until now, i have been rolling along living in a world that did not know the word etagere (a piece of light furniture which was extensively made in France during the latter part of the 18th century. It consists of a series of stages or shelves for the reception of ornaments or other small articles - thank you wikipedia) in my future fantasy home this 1970's beauty from romeo rega takes centre stage in the living room delightfully ready to scoop up my delicacies into wonderfully witty vignettes for all to marvel at. my other recent discovery is milo baughman, he was a man after my own heart and created some beautiful etagere specimens like this one for sale (and reduced) on etsy, if only i lived in canada. let's take a peek at some etageres in all their glory shall we?

pic: paloma 81

click here to take a virtual stroll through the 1st dibs etageres, oh and zinc door do a great one you should see too! 

xxx c

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  1. Quite possibly the coolest etagere. ever.


  2. Thanks for featuring one of my etagere's!! Really appreciated Claudia :) If I had even the slightest clue how to 'easily' ship an item that big to Aus I would love to make it happen for you haha
    but do keep an eye out, crazy affordable ones pop up in unexpected places, and im praying to the vintage furniture find gods that you score one for yourself!
    Happy Holidays!!

    Raiana xo

  3. I just bought the big double one, really sweet


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