3 my week in instagram

i found this mini mini dome and mini mini t-rex at vinnies - how could i resist?

the sweetest scent - star jasmine

blue at domayne

picking up for a shoot and clever claudia gracefully trips and smashes the ceramic stool onto concrete

my love mimi pie pants with her annual puppy cut

cushions at a shoot (obsessed with the chip chop! french word pillow cases)

my geometrics finally being put to use...

i wanted to dive into that bed all freakin' day. the bed head is, of course, BedNest

an alexander wang emile moment

sheep and velvet

more facets being put to use in a serin cini cote bastide dome

IKEA linen sheets and geometric garland (kids room anyone?)

silk and hessian coral at serin cini

the best ever ampersand from fromage la rue

hannah's bowls from etsy

a lovely little gift from Saison (shop it here)

and a dog walk in the park - excited for the weekend!

xxx c

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  1. A little bit obsessed with the Emile. Where did you buy yours?

  2. What an interesting week! You seem to be doing more & more styling...maybe there's a career change ahead??? Love the Serin Cini dome...so hard to find large, straight sided versions. I must visit this shop!!!! Love the velvet cushions too. Is it rude to ask where they're from?
    x KL

  3. I'd love to know where the sheep skin rug is from... if you don't mind ...



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