3 if only

if only i had this double jersey black and white stripe tee from bassike my wardrobe would be complete. do you ever think that? if you only had that one piece it would be the key to making your whole wardrobe work? (until something else is magically that key also) i know i know, i'm kidding myself but for now, just believe me, i really want it tand it was from seasons past and they are not re cutting it in exactly the same way. new versions are all slub, navy, or black and cream, not that sharp black and white with the medium stripe. i have an ebay alert for all bassike striped goods now so fingers crossed!

xxx c

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  1. I have heard the bassike t shirts are great! Love those loafers too -where are they from? xx

  2. So true! I felt the same way about a certain CR dress. As I've put on weight, the ebay alert helped me get it in bigger sizes. I now have the same dress in 8, 10, 12, 14 & 16! Embarrassing but true! Good luck with your search...x KL

  3. I'll take everything in that image thanks!


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