2 another op shop trip

another day, another op shop trip for Claudia. this mug is, naturally, for hannah

10 of these bad boys for $295!

flokati for $50?

becoming more and more obsessed with vintage cutlery

tiffany & co. trinket box

and my pick of the day was this snow globe which i prettied up with some neon pink and silver card

xxx c

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  1. Those are some great vintage finds! I absolutely adore that wooden sideboard, the wood grain and texture is so beautiful!

  2. The only problem with vintage cutlery is it's SO blunt, the knives are like flat pieces of metal.
    Fine for butter but not for food, sigh.

    We've got a draw full of bone/vintage cutlery and I don't know what to do it's so pretty but pretty useless, maybe I can get the knives sharpened?!



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