2 a facet a day {pink}

groovy geometric pink fabric sculpture from Etsy seller osik (olga) khomenko. khomenko uses a "unique technique that combines singeing, melting, sculpting, molding and weaving (and of course there's more to it, but sometimes I'm not even sure if there's a proper name for what I'm doing). I don't use any threads or glues in my creations - it's just fabrics, fire, a lot of patience and a lot of fun!"

see more of her creations here

xxx c

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  1. Love it!

    Sometimes I get scared that I'm putting too much pink in the house and Hamish will notice.... so far, so good... just ordered another fluro pink cushion from Etsy haahahahahaa


  2. I will forever think of you when I see a faceted item!

    NIc x


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