4 cultiver has landed

photography by hannah blackmore

cultiver has finally opened it's virtual doors and i have been extraordinarily spoilt because i get to test drive these bad boys, look what showed up at work today

unfortunately because of my situation i am not going to be able to show you these on my bed until we find a new place but let me tell you, making the bed is going to be the FIRST thing i do when we move and of course i will bring you along for the ride. so until then, here is a little sneak peek...

click here to shop their range of exquisite linens

xxx c

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  1. They look beautiful; I can't wait to see how they look xx

  2. Love how cozy that looks! Pretty, pretty!

  3. Woooo hooooo!!!!
    So glad it's opened!!!


  4. Do tell, have you tried them, do you like them? I think it's time to place my order!


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