4 glossy box/lust have it final delivery

i decided that i am over beauty product subscriptions so i cancelled my last one, glossybox lust have it. this last bag i received was pretty good, it had: 1 x l'eau de chloe perfume spray sample, 1 x marc jacobs lola spray sample (i love perfume samples, they smell stronger), travel size batiste dry shampoo in blush, full size bloom shade & line 3 in 1 eyeliner in black (going to try this one), lonvitalite 24k gold eye mask and golden yulan oil facial mask all in a hideous purple case. for me, this was the best one yet! but i won't be fooled anymore, i know the next one will probably be full of crap - goodbye lust have it.

xxx c

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  1. Yeh I get Lust have it too, and I reckon it used to be pretty good, but then I got last months one and was like, yuck! I got two marc jacobs samples not the chloe and i didnt get the eyeliner! and the bags, my goodness what are they thinking?? how do they think that adds value! Theyre HIDEOUS!! maybs its time to try another company? x

  2. Beauty and Lace have a great beauty box with lots of full size products and samples.

  3. That's not a bad box from Lust have it. Ive been with Bella boxes for a few months now and they are still a bit hit and miss. Sometimes i just save everything i dont want to use and put it in a box for my mum.


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