7 DIY: art afternoon

Han and i took the day off last friday to do things (put stuff on ebay, get hair done, go to vinnies, do art projects) and this is a little iphone photo journal of the art project. she had some left over paint from a shoot at work (which i will also use for another DIY coming up) and bought some beautiful raw edged paper

i think i see some colour palette inspiration with the kale and peonies on her office desk

my niece muffin keeping a careful watch 

paint on, next step placing one blank sheet over the painted sheet 

and peeling off to reveal the masterpiece! 

i LOVE how these turned out, they will look so good framed in her new home, i will post when she gets them up!

xxx c

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  1. Brilliant! Love the colours! :)

  2. Ha! Rad idea!

    They remind me of the paintings psychiatrists use in movies when they say 'tell me about this picture' and the killer says it's their mum in a field with an axe or something cray ahhhhahahahahahaahaa - your paintings are the calm, happy version of those.

    Can't wait to see them framed!


  3. That artwork is brilliant!! Such a great idea!

  4. Fabby!



  5. Beautiful! Love your colors!

    Val @ artsybuildinglady


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