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mum and i went for a shop and lunch last saturday to danks st in waterloo in sydney. first stop was one of a few furniture shops, a vast warehouse full of replica designer furniture, it feels wrong but i loved looking! (also i can't always afford the real deal so it whets my appetite nicely). predictable aren't i, with this replica konstantin grcic ones chair (above), they are a pretty good price and every time i see them in the flesh i am more and more convinced they are the chairs to delight my outdoor setting. 

we walked into seletti which is always a bit of fun, i loved this gold bread crate (above) and the ceramic organs (below)

neoprene takes on celine (above) and hermes (below)

god i want gold cutlery! but when i picked this stuff up is already looked chipped and tarnished which didn't give me much hope of longevity - i may give this one a miss. these hibrid collection plates are fun too

naturally we visited the country trader - i am ashamed to say this was the first time i set foot into that store and boy, was i impressed! the air was filled with cire trudon and everywhere i looked was crammed with covetable goodies (don't you love this guy lounging?!)

did someone say faceted? these are 1940's english faux ebony artists blocks and at just under $5000 for the set i think i will have to pass (painfully)...

mother of pearl (an insanely beautiful hardware shop) was the next stop, those brass letters and numbers (above and below) had my name written all over them and for $45 a pop i really need to find a reason to buy some! 

doug up on bourke was the last stop and is a little overpriced but has some great things in there, a lot of old taxidermy and medical furniture

i saw this metal c and swooned - mum then told me that dad had kept a bunch of gold letters from an advertising company he worked for years ago and there was definitely a c in there so i reluctantly walked away from this, only to find out after i got home that he chucked them out some years ago! kill me... that c better be there when i go back!

xxx (not a big fat gold) c

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  1. Hi Claudia
    It's been ages since I've done some Saturday shopping in that area... I love that Mother of Pearl shop - amazing. Must go back and check out.
    By the way, I saw this house tour on Teen Vogue of all places and thought you might like it...
    How a 25 year old can afford an apartment overlooking the Empire State Building as well as oodles of YSL, Chanel and Celine, I'll never know...but good for her!
    Cheers, Sarah

    1. ummm, thats a post in the making!! check back in on the 16th xx


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