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"Mr Pinchy & Co has been born out of an obsession for unique designer objects. Fused in tradition our designs embody classic, quirky modern and iconic interpretations in the form of gold & silver cast brass objects. Made in open fire kilns burning at over 1000 degrees centigrade using age old techniques passed down
from generation to generation our Artisans carve wax casts, which are then packed with black volcanic soil and poured with brass eroding the wax and forming the pattern of the cast"

basically these metallic beauties are the things dreams are made of as far as I'm concerned. i would like to place an order for butch the gun, rock of love and my favourite - chompa. peep the rest of the collection here

thank you Loni from Adore home magazine for recommending i check this out - you know me too well...

xxx c

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  1. No problem Claudia! I want Mr Pinchy the crab and love the gun one too.
    Loni x

  2. Love these pieces! The gun and jaws are insane!




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