3 day of shopping

on my last day off i went home wares shopping (a usual activity), i visited the sydney antique centre for the first time, here are some things that caught my eye...

i also visited target to see their real living bedding range, these water colour cushions and the mongolian fur were cute

some silk ikat cushions from bay leather republic

white glossy sideboard from bay leather republic from their neon range - i think this may be the winner for me,  as much as i love the danish looking ones i really am a sucker for white, shiny and simple

and finally some delicious parquet floors at BLR

xxx c

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  1. LOVE the ikat cushions
    I went to look at the Real Living range and it wasn't EVERYTHING I wanted it to be... not too sure why. Maybe I was just feeling off, it was the day I decided to pass out hahahaaha


  2. That antique market looks fabulous! Some seriously good stuff! Oh, LV luggage won't you be mine!?




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