4 the professionals: furbish studio

i have had many a virtual window shop at furbish's online store - think amazing accessories, and they now have a huge new (ish) shop in raleigh, north carolina. to think this all evolved from jamie meares blog i suwannee which she started in 2009, what an amazing journey from blog to shop! i have to say i am a little envious of this talented lady. she also offers an interior design service and i have selected some of my faves for your viewing pleasure. click here to look at the rest of her work and enjoy!

xxx c

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  1. Totally in love with the blog, the shop, the lady, and the work!



  2. I love that she went from blog to shop. Awesome.

  3. Loved her work for yonks! Looking at those images makes me feel calm and happy x

  4. There’s a lot of interior designers professionals but this is one of the best design for me it’s looks refreshing and elegant. For me this is the best


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