5 the professionals: eileen/kathryn/boyd

colour themes are obviously the forte of influential interior designer eileen kathryn boyd, like this purple hued lovely 

and this orange and pink number

and remember her own house that featured in lonny magazine? her kitchen has been in my inspiration file for a while now 

pic: lonny

click here to view eileen's blog and view her website here

xxx c
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  1. This post is great. The word that came to my mind was "Yum". It's a great example how you can introduce colour to a neutral room. Thanks for the inspiration. Krystal James.

  2. Kitchens can be so yawn inducing, but that one is GORGEOUS! I've always loved her way with colour x

  3. Love the use of colour here, especially the way she's used shades of the same family.

    Not too sure I could live with a purple room 24/7 though, I think I'd get bored.... maybe....


  4. how clever to have the narrow coffee table over the ottoman to have a hard surface! I am in a dilemma trying to find a nice tray to put on top of my ottoman (that is acting as a coffee table), but I may have just found the solution here :)



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