6 house envy: byron view farm

i was lucky enough to attend a beautiful wedding last weekend in byron for some close friends of ours. the reception was held at byron view farm, this place is EXQUISITE. you can enjoy 360 degree views on the wrap around balcony and relax in their beautiful outdoor furniture. this is where we had canapes before the reception during the most perfect sunset.

the cottage is only small so this is the centre of the place, those single bulb pendants worked so well in the space. the coffee table was full of kuehn keramik (a favourite of mine) and there were textured rugs everywhere, cow hide, moroccan etc. i loved all the little accessories, as you know i am an accessories girl so this place was right up my alley, i could have shopped the whole place and left it bare!

these peeps know how to do a vignette, and judging by the photos i have found they change it up quite a bit to keep it fresh (i took this one above)

the kitchen was small but also amazing, the counter top was marble and the door knobs (sorry i didn't get a pic) were all different animal heads, i will try and track them down! (found them! click here)

dutch designed cotton wool neon bedspread anyone? and that eames hang it all? heaven

and last but not least, my favourite room of the house had to be the bathroom, that sink was INSANE and with the subway tiles and the checkered floor? they had cire trudon candles and the shower was stocked with aesop products, they really are super detail oriented. i could move into that place now and not change a thing. 
for more info clickety here peeps
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  1. kuhn keramik - aesop - cire trudon ... do they shop at serin cini? I think so ....

    1. hi.... andrea from byron view farm....no we did not shop at serin cini although i would if i lived near you! we had our own shop strangetrader in byron bay...we closed the shop to concentrate on other projects...which include interiors. i am doing up several houses in the area and have a few in sydney coming up. look out for the next vogue living out dec 19th. enjoy.

  2. I LOVE that neon bedspread
    Love it
    The other day at Husk I saw the most gorgeous black/white/neon throw
    I'm going to have to go back and get it because I can't stop thinking about it
    I think it will go really well with the mexican cushions I've got on our bedroom armchair

    The tiling in that bathroom is perfection

    Love it all


  3. Wow! Totally in love with this house! I could so see myself in a place like this!



  4. Love those brick style white tiles in the bathroom, just beautiful.

  5. where can you buy the dutch cotton wool bedspread????


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