5 day in the life: my week

i was getting mum a mother's day card and found this paper jewel necklace from typo, freakin' cutest thing ever! i want to wear it out tonight to a hens - do i dare?

magazines are an addiction, i don't know what i would do without them. getting my monthly drops delivered to work is a definite highlight of the workday for me. 

the changing of the name has begun, the amount of forms i have had to fill out, calls i have had to make and visits to various places is ridic. i think i am down to my last few though which is a relief!

han got her new business cards, she designed 2 different styles, one more corporate and one more fun, i am obsessed with the pink water colour ones

mum found me a new palm frond thing-y for my wall outside, also i drove past a mother load someone was throwing out which i will go back to pillage tonight!

new mirror lens minkpink sunnies for $29.95 - bargain!

and lastly i found my old bridle in mum and dad's garage from when i used to have a horse. i want to try work it in as a new home accessory, just trying to figure out how! i also found my old bridle but the leather is all hard and cracky, maybe not so salvageable which is a shame.

i hope you have all had a fab week so far...i am off to byron for a wedding this weekend - can't wait!

xxx c

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  1. No wonder I love your blog so much... you're a horse person too! {Ohh and your style is just out of this WORLD!} I have my old saddle in a corner of our house, I just love it! I can't wait to see what you do with your pelham! I have so much horse stuff in our house I don't know what to do with it, but I can't get rid of it. To me it's just horse stuff, because I've grown up riding and having horses {ppl used to ask me where they could buy britches and I thought they were CRAZY because I hated wearing them!} but people can't get enough of it! I love you palm fronds, every time I see them I think of your gorgeous blog! Take care.

    1. wow! thanks for the compliment, glad to know i have fellow horsies out there, i miss riding (and my horse who died about 8 years ago) so much i am so pleased i found it to use and to remind me everyday of her. when i have a bigger place i desperately want to incorporate a saddle in there somewhere. DONT get rid of it - keep it until you find cute ways of displaying it. question, do you think my bridle will be salvageable? its quite crackly and hard i so want to restore it, let me know if you think its possible x

    2. Trust me I'd never get rid of it! I'm hoping I'll have a little shop one day and I can use it in the store for a display or something! As for your bridal, I'm sure it's salvageable... we used to fill a bucket with saddle oil and soak them overnight whenever they'd get like that. I'm sure the ones I have back home are all like that too {all my stuff is in my barn in the US still.. need to get it over here!} Leave it outside afterwards to drip dry/dry out in the sun and you should be ok. I'd try some leather conditioner after that if it's still stiff, but that should do the trick!

  2. Ugh, I remember all the changing of the name paperwork quite well! So much to do! Crazy!

    I'll be excited to see what you come up with for the bridle! Be sure to post your genius! I used to have horses and ride and still have my saddle and bridle too. I just can't get rid of it, but I'm not sure how to incorporate it either. The set is extra special because my Dad picked it out for me and it's quite spectacular.




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