2 that room/that picture

remember way back here where i posted a future fantasy kids room? well i bumped into it again over at the glow and have a whole new love for it, especially meeting the little girl who is fortunate enough to live here! the artwork is of elizabeth taylor in cat on a hot tin roof by russell young, the pink looks SO good on that soft grey wall. here are a few more photos of her room, click here to see the full story

poochy doesn't look too impressed with elizabeth, or maybe he's transfixed! 

xxx c
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  1. WAH!

    Brilliant!!! I need this thank you so much lady. We just got internet at our new casa there is a LOT of catching up to do on your blog, I've missed it.


  2. I've been in love with that picture since the first time I've seen it! Way too cool!




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