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i recently helped hannah out on a shoot she was doing for adore home magazine at this most amazing new space called koskela in rosebery. it used to be a can factory and they have reworked the space so beautifully to catch all the light. the shop is huge - airplane hanger huge, and attached is kitchen by mike which we did not get to try out but looks amazing.

there were POC's (that's 'pop of colour' thanks brad) everywhere, neon POC's, the best kind. beautifully crafted furniture and artisan accessories. there was also a crazy good selection of wooden kids toys.

the most amazing neon's were thanks to the work of artist kate banazi whom i will post about a little later. 

this place is truly a destination shop that you must experience, if not to shop then at least to admire! click here to get more info

xxx c
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  1. Your home is all over Pinterest now thanks to adore. Fabulous. I love it! Can't believe you hadn't shared your amazing abode with us sooner!



    1. Thanks kecia!! Snce i am on honeymoon i havent seen it anywhere yet.....glad you like it xxx claudia

  2. Loved the POC comment! Isn't he HILARIOUS!!?? Loved reading about this gorgeous place, I must get over there the next time I'm in Sydney! And your house, btw, is DIVINE! Take care.


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