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my beautiful london residing friend lauren gave me these 3-d pictures as a wedding gift. she went to the damien hirst exhibition in london before coming home to australia and made me these gorgeous little pictures, full of cigarette butts and pills, just the right amount of grit for me! thanks lozzy xx

and speaking of wedding gifts, i also got these jasper conran plates which i am in LOVE with - i feel very brave having dinner ware that isn't all white!

xxx c
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  1. Aren't receiving wedding gifts awesome?! Especially with generous and tasteful friends! Love the Jasper Conran plates; I've been eyeing off the mugs in same design for awhile now at Perters of Kensington!
    x KL

  2. Eep!

    I adore the love heart art!!!!
    Totally swiping this idea.



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