0 the ultimate find...almost

okay, so, as i have mentioned before i love going to thrift shops, and i have my personal favorites that i visit monthly at least, and every time i walk in i think today is going to be the day that i find something AMAZING (and i usually do find great stuff) but my ultimate find was always an hermes ashtray. i knew my chances of finding this were slim to none, but today it happened. I FOUND ONE! at first i saw it all hidden behind other vases and plates and thought, hmmm that looks a little exciting, then i picked it up and thought wow, who has knocked off this design so well? i turned it over and had heart failure...hermes paris. i looked again and saw the price...$3. wow. i hadn't looked properly at it due to intense excitement so after i had calmed down i noticed the design was not really one i would want displayed at my place (although i can appreciate how someone else would)....

sure it has a few chips (any hints as to how to fix this?) but still, i found an hermes ashtray at goodwill for $3. yay me

xxx c

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