1 todays adventure

i am very glad to let you know that i have finally managed to get back over to mitchell road antique centre to meet with brian hoy from 'drawing room theory'. remember when i promised to do a post on his exquisite shop a while ago? well i hope to get it up on the blog this week. brian is so sweet and gave me these heavenly place mats (pictured above) that he produces himself. watch this space for the full post and interview. now in the mean time i snatched up another piece of crystal from DRT and have added it to my collection which i hope gets as big as judy's one day...

i also spotted this sweet little taxidermic creature and thought i would share...

i hope it doesn't creep you out too much. oh, and i may have also picked something up that i was coveting last month..whoopsies

xxx c
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  1. I love that place! I've seen that little dear before, he's creepy cute.


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